The company’s goal is to aid writers have their work published. These include most types of literary works, such as novels and short stories. It provides the service at the least possible start-up expense and greatest possible profit to the author.

The company will look at the material and provide an evaluation of the work. This is done for free. The company will represent the author and his/her works. It would read or listen to all the works submitted for review.

Short stories usually don’t need an agent but the material can be considered for a collection. When sending in one, the author must indicate the potential target market for the material and if possible, indicate where you want the story or article to appear.

The company’s priority is to act as agents and editors to authors. It can have the books published through Print-On-Demand, which is at a lower cost compared to other publishers. The company provides this service as a courtesy to its clients, instead of being its main line of income.

The company wants to give new writers the chance to have their works get published. It doesn’t give the company the chance to earn big but it’s doing it as a service to the writing community. It treats writers and published authors the same way it wants to be treated. This is why the company wants to make the process as simple as possible.

The company will also let the author know whether it can’t provide its services to the project due to time constraints or any other problems. It would immediately inform the author whether it will take on the project or not.